Overcome the Overthinking!

To be able to think is a gift we all must feel grateful for. From saving the world to inventing the internet, thinking has lead humans to do the IMPOSSIBLE. But as Friedrich Nietzche rightly says, ” The mother of excess is not joy but joylessness.” Things which you love, won’t always love you back ( exactly like that guy from my gym won’t).

So, today we’ll talk about the “excess.” I know you’re busy scouting your news feed to find new memes to tag your friends in (I am doing the same on the other tab), but please do me a favour and READ! Just 5 minutes, promise. Okay, maybe 7 minutes. But, it’ll be worth it. Unless you want my mind to overthink while anticipating the actual number of readers, do it, do it NOW!

I can’t count the number of times I have cried myself to sleep, thinking about things which have never happened (and probably never will), making up scenarios in my head for the worse to happen. It is like I have been waiting for something bad to occur so badly, that I have forgotten what it’s like to live in the moment.
For instance, while I am watching TV with my family, my head is counting the number of days I have left to spend at home. Yes, instead of ACTUALLY enjoying with my family. IRONIC as hell, right?

Most often than not, our minds wander into a dark place when we keep it running like a motor. Know how one sad memory brings a thousand bad ones in the form of flashbacks? It is exactly like that. A Chain reaction. Once I start obsessing over the fear of something that might or might not happen, it is usually followed by another worry or sorrow, and so on. This is literally the beginning of your own doom.

Anxiety can be touted as the mother of overthinking. Be it a disorder, everyday stress or just plain old drama; it is shit in every form.

This piece is something I am writing at 12.03 AM after just having an incredible session of utter useless overthinking with my brain (Also, a boost to my procrastination :P). So, I am pretty sure I have good things to help others (like me) overcome this problem. Though I am not a psychologist, but unless it is an actual disorder; I think I might have some tips in handy which you can follow too.

Distract Your Mind. Like how I promptly opened up my laptop to write the moment I started feeling the hint of my mind spiralling back to BS thoughts; you can too. Pick up a hobby. I chose running ( Mostly because gyms are way too expensive for a physical-mental retreat, tbh). Not only will taking up a hobby leave you with less time, it’ll move you into a good headspace giving you positive thoughts. And, getting those toned calf muscles never hurts, eh?

Choose Progress Over Perfection. There is a notion that most of the perfectionists are overthinkers and the vice versa to be true. But do you think aiming for perfection is better than taking it one step at a time? Being ambitious is healthy. However, wanting to perfect is unrealistic. At the risk of sounding a little philosophical, I’d say, ‘try to be better than what you were yesterday.’

You’re Not Omniscient. Unless you’re a tarot card reader or a crystal ball fortune teller, you can’t predict the future (not that they do anyway). I have forever been the person who finds joy in the moment and in being spontaneous. This was until I came face-to-face with my overthinking. I later became someone who needed to think about the future, at the cost of ruining my present. So, take it from me: LIVE THE NOW, LEAVE THE NEXT.

Be Thankful For Your Life. A few days back my brother asked me to send him a list of things I am grateful for, first thing every morning. I would be lying if I said I kept my promise, but I realised the days that I actually thought about what I am thankful for, my day started on a positive note. Cheesy but true. Make a list of things you’re grateful for and know that your day will be good. Take it slow, amigos!

Accept Who You Are. While we are busy making sure that everyone around us feels loved by us all the time, seldom do we make the same effort for ourselves. Once you start on that rocky road of comparing yourself to others, there will be no end of disappointments. Hence, acceptance is the key to feeling good.

Say No To Pessimism. I know it is hard for a person who over analyses the slightest of things that happen in his/her life. But, try. One tiny caterpillar step at a time, it’ll work its way to your brain. Instead of obsessing over what can go wrong, wonder about “what if” it all goes right? After a while, you’ll find this crazy simple.

Now that I have imparted my wisdom to you all, I think I will leave you overthinking the stuff you just read. You’re welcome, folks!

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