From the Diary of an Extrovert: Why Date an Introvert?

Whatever people’s perception of extroverts, we aren’t shallow. We simply wear our hearts on our sleeve. With us you get what you see, nothing is hidden. When we are happy, we express it with extreme delight. When we are low, you’ll see it written all over our faces. When we are angry, God help the world!

But amidst all the limelight and attention, we love our quiet time too. Just because we enjoy partying all night, doesn’t mean we can’t rock “NETFLIX AND CHILL” on a quiet weekend. We all need time to unwind, don’t we? No, I am not an AMBIVERT. Trust me, I know the difference.

So, when we extroverts date an introvert it is something different. Sure, we extroverts love communication in order to connect better. However, that’s one department where introverts need to work a little if they really love their extrovert.

But, let’s talk about the positives, shall we?

As an extrovert, while you are busy making impulsive decisions; introverts will teach you how to think. Not that making decisions based on impulse is always unhealthy (after all it makes you spontaneous), but they can sometimes land you in a lot of trouble. Your introvert will make sure you do things that will be good for you in the long run. Isn’t that what you want from your partner? They make life stable.

They’ll teach you patience. Extroverts are known for their extreme flair for impatience. Whereas extroverts are linked with a high adrenaline, energy-spending, sympathetic nervous system; introverts are connected with an energy-conserving, parasympathetic nervous system. When an introvert takes it slowly in a conversation, I am like, “dude speak up already.” But, what we don’t realise is being with an introverted partner, we constantly put our patience skills on the line. Of course, we all have our breaking point, but isn’t patience a virtue? It might not always be possible for us, but it is important nonetheless.

Introverts are really good listeners. Trust me, they listen, not just HEAR. It is no secret that extroverts love communication. However, what most of us don’t admit is that we crave for a meaningful conversation. You won’t believe the number of times I have scrolled through chats with my partner just to smile on a bad day. Introverts like listening more than giving you advice. And, if someone takes out time to get to know you; that’s as big a gift than anything else.

They love you for who you are. This might just be the best thing about dating an introvert; they accept you for who you are. The phrase, “your light in the dark,” gets a whole new meaning when you’re with them. While the world could seem a cruel place for your extremely open heart, they tell you that you don’t need validation about your personality from people who don’t matter.

They push you towards your dreams. Whether you want to climb the Mt. Everest or publish your own novel someday, they’ll tell you it’s possible. Dreams are a basic for everyone and if there are people who give you the boost of positivity you need, it’s a good thing, right?

Once they let you in, there’s no going back. An introvert has a lot of layers, unlike an extrovert who loves keeping their life out for the world to see. One thing that you can be sure of, is that loyalty is never a question. Introverts are known to be selective about people and relationships they invest into. So, if they go the extra mile to make you happy, they’re a keeper.

Though no relationship is perfect, you need to find one that’s worth it. 

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