Never Be Sorry For Feeling too Deeply. I mean it….NEVER!

Strengths and weaknesses are perceived differently by people. You might feel the more strong you are, the better you can hide your emotions. Some might say the opposite.
But, if you are the former, take a step back and think again. Are you strong or are you afraid? Most often than not, you are masking your fear as your strength because…WHAT MIGHT THEY THINK?

Well, I am not this person. Nor, do I want to be. I’d rather be vulnerable and over-excited than rigid and dull. Welcome to the world of Highly Sensitive People. Yes, the ones who you mock at for crying over that Dog movie; or the ones who sulked while watching Joey move out of Chandler’s apartment and then got over-excited when Ross and Rachel got back together (The tenth time :P)

Emotions. They can either make you feel at the top of the world or bring you down just the next second. But, one thing is for sure, they are nothing to feel ashamed about.

I mourned the death of one of my favourite childhood singers, while my friends laughed at me asking me to suck it up. But, why should I suck it up?

Why should I let your fear of handling emotions force me into hiding mine?

Why should I let your emotional unavailability dictate whether or not I can feel over-the-top happy about the trip I just planned?

Why should anyone contain their anger because you can’t own up to your mistakes?

That’s what it is to have emotions. While other people might hate that you cry at cue. It might be your strength in disguise. Today, I want to tell you something. Never be sorry for your emotions. They make you who you are. And, I forbid you for being apologetic for your personality. You have a big heart and you aren’t afraid to let others see it.

If anyone ever dismisses you for being too sensitive ask yourself this: Who is more fragile?
The person who is brave enough to say when something hurts?
Or the one who cannot apologize or admit to having caused pain?

There have been friends who ask me why do I take everything so seriously along with the ones who know better than to change me. Same goes for relationships, I have taken “I love you” just as seriously as “I shouldn’t have fallen for you.”

I admit that it’s not always rainbows and unicorns, but what’s life without a little risk, ha?

From talking about my weight issues to getting impulsive in a heartbeat, there hasn’t been even once that I have not been criticized tonnes. However, the things that seem flaws to you are the traits that make me who I am, and frankly, I wouldn’t want to change that: Nobody’s perfect and I don’t care. 

Being highly sensitive is like having a power. Your emotions must be your strength, not your flaw. Sensitivity, empathy, compassion; these are badass superpowers. take away that single trait, you take the very essence of who you are. So, about time you become the Wonder Woman, ha?

To everyone who mocks Highly Sensitive People:
They are the ones who’ll do everything in their power to cheer you up when you are in distress. Don’t mistake their emotions to be their neediness. And, in case you do, I feel sorry for you.

And to all compadres; I know I wouldn’t trade my emotions for anything, would you?

One last message: Be awesome. Be sensitive. Be you.

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