You Need to Pamper Yourself on your Birthday!

When the clock strikes 12, and it marks the beginning of your special day; you need to make yourself your top priority. Know what you want to wear, where you want to run off to, or what you want to eat.  Whether you are an ‘A-day-at-the-spa’ kind of person, or ‘Go-to-your-favourite-movie-by-yourself’ one; you need to give yourself the time of your life, at least once a year.

For the ones who are fitness freaks, and dieting is their daily thing; go grab a bite at your favourite fast food/ dessert bar, and see yourself transporting to heaven after the very first bite. If you are a workaholic, and deadlines drive you more than your happiness. Enjoy a stroll at the park or go bungee jumping to give yourself some self-loving.

My birthday tradition involves; starting the day with a king size breakfast followed with booking myself a ticket to an awaited movie (I lucked out because the month of June is a time for good movies). Since a little shopping never hurt anyone, I make sure I shop my favourite brand on my day. The evening involves visiting a pub/restaurant that I have been wanting to check off my list with friends, and the night becomes beautiful. Basically, I got no regrets. *smirk*

With growing pressure at work; dysfunctional friendships, and being away from home; birthdays have become just one of those days where you get a lot of phone calls (if you work in advertising, it will be just another day for you though) and if lucky, you cut a cake.

While there is no problem with this if you are happy with the way things are. But, sit down, count your blessings and ask yourself; are you?

Are you happy that you are bombarded with meeting calls when you should be getting calls from your loved ones to make you smile?

Are you happy that you cannot take time out for yourself, just one day a year; because your boss wants you to make a presentation?

Are you happy that you have turned into a desk jockey from the curious little kid who couldn’t wait to open the gifts and know what everyone has bought him on his birthday?

Are you happy that the one day you are supposed to feel special, your day is going by making sure your client feels special instead?

Why Pamper yourself?

Now, getting back to the reason I am writing this. Similar to charity beginning at home, happiness begins with you. Most people complain about the fact that they don’t know what to do in life, or are unaware of what they are good at. The foremost reason for this is ignorance. When one has not tried to know who they are and what makes them happy, they fall short of love for themselves. The only way this can be remedied is if people spend more time knowing themselves as they do in knowing others! Beginning with one day to yourself once a year; check off some stuff from your bucket list to increase your happiness quotient. When you love yourself, you reach a depth where no other human being can ever go.

To everyone who thinks a birthday is just another day, think again. Start with a bit of your favourite cake, and buy yourself that dress you have always wanted. If there’s anyone you need to have high expectations from on your birthday, it should be you. Surprise yourself, pamper yourself and do everything that scares you. You will notice a change, that you never imagined. A change that will modify the definition of your ‘alone;’ from ‘lonely’ to ‘awesome.’





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