Decoding Dating Apps: Tinder 101

When it comes to using a dating app, being judgemental is an understatement. You might be the most righteous of all human beings, but swiping left for the most irrelevant reasons is a common even to you. But, why does one called shallow for doing that? Between a display picture and a lengthy bio, there’s only so much you can make out of a person.

So, here I am writing about the mightiest dating app of all, “Tinder.” This post is from a girl’s perspective combining first-hand experiences of most of us girls (at least the ones I know). So guys don’t take offense (hope girls don’t either). Many may disagree, as everyone is entitled to their opinion. But, all points considered, guys……..a little chivalry never killed someone. Being gracious is better than creepy, right? 

Lets talk guys then!


    • The one with a dog: Stop using your dog as a prop to ask girls out, it is such a downer. While every dog is cute, every guy isn’t. If we could be with dogs, we would never date you. So, kindly put up your solo pictures if you want that right swipe.
    • Shirtless: If I could count the number of guys with no shirt on, whether a gym selfie or one in the pool, I would probably lose it. You have a body? Great. But, muscle definitions are not every girl is looking for, in a guy. There’s something called “charm” too.
    • Holding a guitar: If you are still living in the era, where you think a girl would see you holding a guitar (irrespective of whether or not you know how to play it), and immediately drool over you, well, you are in for a big shock! Guys with guitars screams desperation. So, why not let us figure that out after a conversation?
    • Workout flex: Yes, you might have the most amazing biceps, but is that the only thing great about your personality? Scientists have recently found out, that dating apps are not a body building competition, so why not sport a smile instead?
    • DSLR Pictures: This is the most common of them all. If you believe that you are the single human being that looks best in DSLR shots, you are in for a major disappointment. It’s not you, it’s the photographer, thus, everyone looks spectacular. Using a normal camera phone is fine, it makes you look more genuine, a quality most women appreciate.


    Seldom does it happen, that words don’t help you out. Who doesn’t love a person with a little wit and humour? Even being straightforward helps. But, in the case of stupidity, it’s better to leave the “Bio” section empty, than fill it with nonsense.

    • The most epic one I came across was: “Looking for my future wife.” I hate to break it to you, sir, but you will have a better luck finding that out on BharatMatrimony than Tinder!
    • Other common ones would be, “Not here for hookups.“, “I don’t need a dating app to get laid.” We agree that you might not be on a dating app for hookups (if that!). But isn’t it better to play along and cross that bridge when you come to it? In spite of what you might think, it’s a red-flag for most girls.

    PS Guys, don’t whine about how low your match count is (biggest turn off). Instead, work on making your conversion rate higher.

  • Well, this is the end to what I had to share. Comment below, to let me know your “Tinder” experience and subscribe to my blog for more fun stuff !!

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