A Letter To My Long Distance BFF!

Hey there,

* Below is a depiction of some ultra sensitive emotions. Please bear with me. *

If I could say how much I love you, even Oxford dictionary wouldn’t have enough words.

If I could specify the number of times we’ve fought, I would lose count.

If I could explain my jealousy on seeing you with others, I would boil down with rage. *always-on mode*

You are probably the only person, who has ever gotten away with double-crossing me (Remember, April Fools Day?). *big giant smirk*

From bitching about my ex, sobbing about failed relationships, to sharing horror stories, you are the confidant I never knew I deserved. 1346 miles apart ( Source: of course, Google) , but a surprise video call or a text saying “Good Morning,” makes everyday bearable.  

Remember that time I texted you at 4 in the morning, because my roommate told me a horror story about some man? I was being as unreasonable as a little kid, but you listened to me anyway. Hence, the award for being the most patient adult, goes to you! 

Watching you walk down that flight of years, waiting in anticipation to see you after 3 long years was one of the most delightful sights of my entire life. Our faces had such broad smiles, as if someone had stuffed a hanger in our mouths. Oh, what I would give to be able to see you everyday, laugh out loud with you, punch you whenever you tease me and be your wing-woman ( yes, that’s happening ). 

Well, besides being emotional, I am materialistic too. So, I will be waiting for my gift this birthday. And, just so we are clear, it better be good.

I will forever be indebted to you for being born. Or maybe I need to thank your parents for that. And, mine to get me an admission to the ‘now-shitty’ college where I got to meet you. Basically, you are a wonder for having a 24-year old kid as your bestie. And, I thank you for it. 

Sending love from the Land of Idli-Dosa,
Your Momo 🙂

NOTE: This is something we all want to tell our best friends. Guy or a girl, they are a part of us we can never let go. We may fight with them, throw tantrums, or get angry but they make life the best it could be. So, here’s to every beautiful friendship that needs no explanations, no excuses and no definitions. Cheers!!

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