A Thank You Note to my Sibling! : Siblings Day Special

“Jaa paani leke aa” (Go, get me a glass of water).

“Please papa se pooch le, mujhe bahar jaana hai” (Go ask dad if I can go out today).

“TV ka remote de, nahi toh abhi girlfriend ka bolu ghar pe?” (You better give me the TV remote, or your girlfriend is no longer a secret).

“Mummy mujhe zyada pyaar karti hain, tu baad mei aayi hai” (Mum loves me more than you. You just happened).

“Tu adopted hai. Sade hue aaloo ki bori se laaye the tujhe ” (You are adopted. We got you from a bag of rotten potatoes).

Summing up every Indian sibling relationship ever. 

Well, I would be lying if I say everything is forever rainbows and unicorns between my elder brother and I. We have had a good share of “ifs-buts” ,”partner hating” ,”almost kill” moments. Even now, when we are 8,820 miles apart (YES, I Googled it), our banters are better than any roast comedy show you would have ever seen. I guess, somewhere between throwing things at each other and having each others’ backs, we grew up (I am the forever kid though). 

Whether it is him wanting to beat up the guy that hit on me, or me warning about the girl who’s a gold digger, we prove our love in inexplicably weird ways. AT LEAST, there is love! So, I am sort of happy about that. *smirk*

This siblings day, I want to thank my brother for being there to listen to me whine about relationships, jobs and life in general.

Thank you for standing up for me in front of others, even when you knew it was just me being an idiot.

Thank you for being the elder one (maybe I need to thank mom and dad for this) , so that you gotta get hitched before I do. *escapes marriage talks after this post*

Thank you for taking any criticism I ever threw your way like a boss, unlike me.

Thank you for pushing me to do what I want, instead of what others want me to do.

Thank you for telling me your secrets ( I would say they are safe with me, but you are screwed anyway already).

Thank you for being the biggest financial help ever (I would have to work 10 years straight, to pay you back. So, I am not going to. LOL).

Thank you for being the scholar one, because I need to get shamed about my academic skills, every once in a while.

In short, Thank you for being my brother. No matter how much I fight with or shout at you, I will always love you, because, you know….I just want more money out of you. That’s it. (What? Did you think I am going to admit to caring about you? You wish)

HAPPY SIBLINGS DAY, Big Brother. All love!


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