9 Things I Just Can’t Handle, Ugh!!

Goodness is such an overrated thing; it ends up taking so much from you. Whether it is an annoying neighbor or an over-the-top ridiculous partner, you have to take truck loads of shit if you are too good to say against it. Hence, born are things which make you furious. Talking things from my perspective, I am mainly a low-maintenance person, but some things just get my goat! It is similar to the feeling I get when there is just too much whipped cream on my hot chocolate. Guess what, I ordered just the hot chocolate. I can’t take it.

So here are the 9 things that I just can’t handle (WARNING: Some might be gross);

  1. Poor Grammar:

Okay, start calling me a “Grammar Nazi” right away, but it’s more like a reflex! English or Hindi, it is a big turn off when people don’t use proper grammar. You can criticize me to your heart’s content, but if I had a nickel for every time I corrected someone’s sentence (mostly in the middle of it), I’d be a millionaire. Especially if someone uses poor grammar over and over again, it makes me want to slap a Wren&Martin on their faces!

  1. Stinky Feet:

It’s not like feet are likeable anyway, but stinky feet are worse than a smelly toilet. Every time someone steps on my mattress, I can’t help but have a quick look at their feet to see if they are clean. Imagine what would happen if they smell? You got that right, I tell them! If sometimes my feet feel sweaty, I prefer not taking the shoes off myself.

  1. Rich people who Brag:

“I have a Gucci handbag, a Zara dress and a Chanel perfume,” “I have my own Car,” “I bought the latest iphone which costs blah-blah.” You know what these statements mean? They clearly depict that it’s your parents who are rich; you are just an ungrateful crap, who thinks money makes people like you. But all your boasting does is piss people off. So be rich for all I care, but just stop with all the bragging.

  1. Animal Abusers:

We humans are a shame to the nature, when it comes to treating other creatures. These days there are people putting up videos burning dogs, chipping their ears off, murdering cats, how is this not psychopathic? Animals not being able to speak against such hideous actions, gives humans the right to do whatever they feel like. And, the worst part? There are no laws in our country against it. A shame!

  1. People who leave the door open after exiting the room:

I mean, please learn it already! If my door is closed before you entered it, you might as well take the pain to close it too. It is not too hard. This is the most vicious and annoying habit that has ever existed on the planet. Please stop doing that. STOP!

  1. Bad breath:

Remember that time you were talking to your friend, but every time you turn your head to look at him/her; there it is…the worst breath ever! I won’t take names, but I have some of those too. It is unfortunate that people don’t know that they have bad breath, and you come out to be a bitch if you happen to tell them!

  1. Smacking Sounds While Eating:

An appetizing lunch, and that smacking sound…I’m just about to Puke! Okay, chew your food. But don’t let us hear the whole process. We know how the system works; we don’t a step by step audio version. It is not only because it’s a bad sound, but it suppresses the urge to eat altogether. So, just…. STOP!

  1. Bad Tea:

If you love tea more than anything in the world, you know what I am talking about. Bad tea is just as awful as stale food. My love for tea is directly proportional to how it’s made. College hostels are a perfect example. Their tea isn’t tea; it’s pretty much just sugar and water, with a hint of milk (if there is). So, make good tea or switch to coffee and spare me the horror.

  1. Last But Not Least: People who don’t find F.R.I.E.N.D.S funny!

Maybe your choices are different than mine, cool. But if you have a good sense of humour and understand jokes, then F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is freaking awesome. If you say you’ve watched it and didn’t find it funny, then R.I.P. to your sense of humour. And if you say it just to piss the fans off, then bring it on; you’ll regret it later!

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