A Date With Stand-up Comedy!!

Stand-up comedy: defined as a comic style in which a comedian performs in front of live audience, usually speaking directly to them (or, the FIRST ROW :P).

Laughter is contagious, and well, the best way to get your Laughter-high, is Comedy. Call me crazy, for saying this, but, I get more excited over a new stand-up clip, than Salman’s new movie trailer. #truthtold

My Ideal weekend= Live Stand-up 
Weekend plans have uncertainty. We are never really sure, whether the plan will work out, or if we would feel completely satisfied of the outcome. 

Weekend Idea 1: Movies
Movies for example, one might step out of the theatre exclaiming “Paisa Vasool,” or if it’s as bad as ‘Housefull 3,’ you’re lucky if you make it out alive 😛

Weekend Idea 2: Shopping
Not that different from ‘Roaming around,’ unless you actually find what you want. Because, every time I walk out for shopping, it’s more like ‘Wanting what I can’t have’ 😛
So, save yourself the trouble and order online. PS. Free home delivery 😀

Weekend Idea 3: Dating
As rare as it happens to me, you never know what might happen. I am up for it, mostly for the Food, though. As long as the food is delicious, you don’t mind spending time with a Douche. But, there’s a boiling point for everything, so is for you.

Weekend Idea 4: Travelling 
“Let’s go Goa.”
“Ya, about time.”
“Should we book the tickets for Friday?”
“Bro !!”
*Awkward silence*
Plan cancelled. Period.

Weekend Idea 5: Live Comedy Show 
The only plan that makes sense. All, I might do, at the end of the show, is probably go gaga over the Comics, or repeating all jokes in my mind, on the way back home.
*Instant Satisfaction*
*Paisa Vasool*

For most of the audiences who show up for a gig, though, it’s more of a stress-buster, after a hectic week at office with the terrible bosses #sorrynotsorry. 
But, for me, Stand-up comedy is a ‘more-than-meets-the-eye’ kind of concept. It inspires me to laugh out loud, live in the moment, and not worry about what happens next. As beautiful as the art is, the artists are even better (from personal experiences). The way they mock their own damages, is a lesson to learn, that we all can learn to laugh at ourselves, a little.
And, let’s be honest, India could sure use more of Comedy, and less Offence.

Everything I knew about Comedy, as a kid, was through movies. My synonym for comedy, being, Johny Lever. 

Then the evolution of Indian TV happened, in 2005, and came the first, most successful stand up comedy tv show ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge.’ The only time, when families were glued to their TV sets, if not for an Indo-Pak cricket match.
Along with the hour-long stomach aches, we got introduced to this genre of Comedy, and Raju Srivastava became the face of it.

Growing up we realize that the best thing about being in College, is free WI-FI i.e., Youtube i.e., unlimited comedy (amongst other things. Haha)
Kenny Sebastian being the first ever Gen Y comedian, I encountered. Needless, to say, became my favourite.
Come 2015, moving to Bangalore, his gig became my first Live Comedy Show experience. Since then, 25 comedy shows, 21 comics, and trust me, I have never been happier laughing my ass off. 

Thriving for perfection, aren’t we all? But, our imperfections make us unique, and being able to make others laugh at them, is a different kind of perfect. 

It is because comics speak their mind, why I love them so much. Remember the EIC outrage video by Sapan Verma on student suicide? It saved a student from taking his own life. How? Read on to find out, Comedy Journal: Notes by Sapan Verma.

Stand-up being something I aspire to do, I went around asking India’s favorite stand up Comedians, “Why Stand-up Comedy?

Caution: This might make you love them more!

Satish Perumal, ‘That Beard Guy’


“There’s too much hate around, I’m trying my best to spread some happiness and joy to people. One show at a time :)”

Sanjay Manaktala, ‘The IT Guy’


“Because it is an immediate response to something you wrote, acted and directed. And because we all love attention in doses.”

Rupen Paul, ‘The Master Host’


“There is some love you feel when you tell a story and when you see people not only listen to it but also become happy while you’re telling it. You feel useful when you make some one laugh. For comedians that feeling of being in the zone making an entire room of strangers laugh gives them a sense of purpose that’s like no other.”

Praveen Kumar, ‘The Hunk’


“I used to do comedy mimes with a group in college and all of us went in different directions after we passed out. To do a mime we need people with similar mind set. I couldn’t find any. But in 2009 I came across this article on stand up comedy and thought this is something which I can do without depending on anyone else. Thus started stand up comedy for me. I continued doing stand up because that gives me immense pleasure and honour that I can make some random stranger laugh. People who want to stand up with money or popularity or girls in mind, they may not sustain longer. If you are good in your art, continue to work hard and with lot of conviction and determination, you will get all of them. I started because of my love for comedy and slowly made it my profession. And trust me, I am really happy that I made that decision.”

 Kritarth Srinivasan,’The Cute TamBram’


“So, I do standup, more for myself than anything else. I think, it’s quite cool that I can take the mic- go on stage, and be myself, and people enjoy the fact that I do that. That is why I do standup!”

Suhas Navaratna,’The Awesomest Kannadiga’

15078558_1722275454758088_5696215233584570045_n“More of a happenstance for me really. I knew stand up comedy existed abroad and watched a few comedy specials but never knew we had a scene in Bangalore. One day me and my friend saw a poster for a show and immediately went there because I really wanted to see how an Indian stand up show would be like. It didn’t disappoint, I was hooked from the get go. Attended a lot of shows in the first month and saw most of the comedians there were in Bangalore. A few out of state ones as well. Then tragedy struck my personal life. My education was going down the toilet. My relationship was in the crapper. My life was feeling dry and soon I went into a phase of depression where I just sulked. I had seen so many comic’s turn their most personal weaknesses into their strengths by talking and joking about it on stage. So I decided to one day turn my life around by doing stand up and airing out all my weaknesses and troubles.
I thought it was easy but it wasn’t. Took me 6 months to get my first laugh when I hit the open mic circuit.But it’s all worth it,stand up made me stronger,mentally I mean,gave my life purpose, and also made me a nicer person.” 

Vikramjit Singh,’The Witty Sardar’


” Why stand up comedy?Hmm. Lemme see.

Because it started off as a fling, but before I knew it, it was a full-fledged relationship. I like both.
Because it lets me survive without a boss or an office in a glass building. I never lose sight of how lucky that is.
Because it lets me show dissent while making people laugh. Never understood the term ‘laugh riot’ better.
Because it makes me feel everything from gross self-doubt to supreme confidence.
Because, without romanticizing the notion of the ‘troubled artist’, it does indeed work as therapy when I’m upset. It’s the most fun kind of schizophrenia. At times I feel like 3 different people: before, during and after a show.
Because it gives me access to something called a “green room”, which has the most unique characters having the most inappropriate conversations.
Because it allows me to work with people who love projecting themselves as ‘assholes,’ but have the softest core underneath. (They’ll disagree. They don’t want you to know.)
Because it has introduced me to the spontaneous applause of a crowd, which tells me life is perfect, for that one fleeting moment. “

On an end note, laugh it all up, because life will suck anyway! So, spend a few bucks, enjoy some drinks, go on your own ‘Date with Standup Comedy.’


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