What is it like to wear your heart on your sleeve?

A not-so-rare condition, mostly associated to be a vulnerability. Only, it is not what it is deemed to be most of the times. Vulnerable doesn’t always have to be a bad thing.  To embrace the act of wearing your heart on your sleeve, can turn out to be a blessing in disguise. 

If you wear your heart on your sleeve, I am sure you will relate to this!

The passive-aggressive concept

This is just one of those things, that you can never understand. Trust me, I don’t either. What’s on your mind, is on your lips. You don’t appreciate the silent treatment. Although, lately I found out, that it does work wonders when you need people to realize their mistakes. #truthtold.
Confrontation is your best pick in any situation. You don’t talk about people behind their backs, mostly because you can’t pretend.

Emotions aren’t to be kept hidden!

Too much pressure in a cooker, may cause it to Explode! Whether it is love, dreams or imaginations. Everything, and I mean everything, is heightened with you. When you get excited, you are over-the-top about it. When you are sad, your face says it all. Anger, well, you are sure to make a scene, if someone tries to strike a conversation. 
All this while,though, people take you for granted! [“It’s an everyday thing, she’ll get over it”]. And that’s the worst of it all.

No Strings Attached: A foreign concept

Yes, to be cool, you might pretend all you want. You can be all adventurous about it, but deep down, it’s not your cup of tea, and you know it! You get attached to that dog you just pet on the street, so it is pretty obvious that humans would do the same to you. No strings attached is just an idea that cannot be implemented.

Sometimes Letting go, helps!

You are the kind of person, who knows how it feels to give it your all, only to be deemed as being “Too much,” right? So, there’s a time, when you gotta learn to draw the line. Because, there will always be some people who’d find faults in you. So, all you have to do, is to let ‘em go! There is nothing is this world worth jeopardizing your self-love.

You don’t love Halfway

When you fall for someone, it’s beyond the guy’s looks, and love becomes more about their personality. The things they do, the way they respect you, and the goodness of their heart. You believe in a love that consumes you, makes you better and more understanding.Thus, your love is ‘to the moon and back’ ! 

Heartbreak wrecks you, but makes you stronger

Yes, you get hit pretty hard, when your heart gets broken. But, the best part remains, that you get up and get going, loving again with the same passion. Your faith in love, never fades. You believe in too many chances. You are a hopeless romantic.

“Masking yourself”, not something you entertain

You are on the face, what you are in your heart. You say what you mean, and mean what you say. People know the real ‘you’ from the beginning. Weird or not, they are not going to be surprised later. Wearing you heart on your sleeve, makes you more confident in expressing yourself.


Comes naturally to you. You can make cooking, just as fun as camping. Living the moment with utmost enthusiasm, is what you do best. And, why not? Isn’t fun all, that we thrive for? A relationship can just become as much fun as flirting. You get a million texts when you miss your get-togethers!!

You are the confidant of millions

Since you can be honest about your feelings, people confide in you (especially the drunk ones). They find it easier to talk to you, about their problems, because an honest opinion is what encourages them to move forward. Your lack of pretense is what drives people to like you. 

You always see the good in people

You often get the,” Don’t talk to her, she’s a bitch!”
Well you don’t go on believing  judgements of other people. Hell, you can be optimistic about a stranger you just met! When it comes to your exes, you appreciate the good that they have, instead of whining about their flaws. You tend to give people the ‘benefit of the doubt,’ more than once.

Risks define you.

You believe in taking chances, just as much as you believe in giving them. Be it love, career, or life, you are not defined by boundaries. You love challenges, they drive you to do good every time. You skydive at every opportunity you get.

So, keep your heart on your sleeve. Sometimes, that’s all we got to do. And, happiness…well, it follows !!


One thought on “What is it like to wear your heart on your sleeve?

  1. Hi Sakshi,

    I stumbled upon your blog with this post shared on FB. As a guy who has the same demeanour as you so aptly describe in this post, I feel it’s not good to be a vulnerable person in front of anyone. Surviving a shattering breakup has now made me be the needy one now in my marriage. and I think it happens with everyone. Your partner may not mean it, but you become the one doing most of the running to save everything.
    A person wearing his heart on his sleeve.

    Liked by 1 person

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