15 ordinary things I am thankful for, which you may not think about!

“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

On earth, we are always thankful for the people we meet, the family we have, the friends we make, and the life we live. But what about the things that are with you from the time you wake up in the morning till the time you go off to sleep. Seldom does one think about their role in life, let alone appreciate them. Ever feel indebted for the ordinary? Well, I do.

Just as much we say thank you to each other, we might as well express our gratitude to those things on earth we are thankful for. I am not quite sure if these things are with/without feelings, but they always respond welcome in the most loving way.

Here is my 15 things to be grateful for list. A Thank you note for all.

  1. Tea: From green, black, milk to earl grey, darjeeling and chamomile, you don’t just start my day, but help me during the tough times. Whether it’s fever or a tiring day at work, you calm me down and give me hope. If I had to choose between having drinks with friends or having tea by my bed, I would gladly choose you anytime of the day. Thank you for being my saviour both in health and in life.
  1. Music: Sweating out at the gym, always gets easier when there’s music around. Every morning gets bearable when the sound of birds chirping falls onto my ears. Music is the soul of dancing, it makes life joyful. Thank you for your mere existence.
  1. Fan: In summers you relieve me of sweat, and in winters you make cozying up in the blanket even more fun. Yes, you might make sounds when you are not maintained, but once fixed, you are the best thing in my room. Haha. Thank you for making sure that the wind reaches me, always.
  1. Colour: It is unfair that god didn’t give dogs the ability to experience different colours, otherwise their beautiful life would have become even more fascinating. I still remember jumping as a child (or even now), in the rare times I saw a rainbow. The petal of a flower or a garden full of flowers, life would be dull if there were no colours. It is because of you I even appreciate black and white. Thank you.
  1. Respect: Yes, respect. When you hold an elevator for an 80-year old, or when you unconditionally go out of the way for someone, that feeling that the receiver gets, is respect. What you give is what you get. Respect, whether given or received, is remembered throughout life. Your existence, makes life worthwhile. Thank you.
  1. Burgers: It might be an unpopular opinion, but I like burgers more than pizzas. There, I said it. Whether it’s a Vada-Pav (The Original Indian delicacy) or the one they serve at McDonalds, burgers are heavenly. I love the taste you bring in my mouth. Being fat for you, is worth it. Thank you.
  1. Internet: Some hypocrites go, “There was life before internet. It is not essential.” True. But when was the last time you read your encyclopedia? The answer to every query, every lesson and even what to buy, is “Google it.” Hell, if not for you, I wouldn’t even get to publish this article. So, Thank you for being everlasting, and also, Tim Berners-Lee.
  1. Mobile/Laptop/PC: Just close your eyes and imagine a life where you could not contact your loved ones at the click of a button, no skype calls, no facetime and certainly no Fruit Ninja. Open your eyes, and tell me. Can you? I certainly cannot. Thank you to these inventions, which make life easier and bring people closer.
  1. Pillow: Want to snuggle? Want to cry? Want to play? Answer= Pillow. If I had a nickel for all the times, I have needed my pillow, I would be as rich as the Kardashians (You know, for doing nothing!). Pillow fights make for the best indoor game after “Guess Who Hit You.” Thank you. See you tonight.
  1. Spice: I, especially being an Indian, cannot go a day without spices. Even if I diet, I make sure I have a spice to lean onto. Potato chips would just be ordinary had there been no spice. Biryani would just be plain-old rice, without spice. Thank you for spicing up my life, since forever.
  1. Books: As a person and as a writer, books are to me what drinks are to alcoholics. I need complete isolation while I am reading, just me and my book. Such is the love, that it’s like a date, no distractions required. Not all might love reading, but at least they know how to, courtesy: Books. Thank you for giving me the virtue of reading.
  1. Comedy: As Dario Fo puts it, “With comedy I can search for the profound.” I am a proud comedy nerd. I am addicted to laughter. And, I am sure as hell as a happy person. Sarcasm, satire, stand-up, improv, sketch; I love them all. Although no amount of gratitude can sum up my love for you, but Thank you
  1. Rain: If crying is a sin, why do the clouds commit a crime every time they make me smile? Yes, I am a pluviophile. The peace and joy you bring is something I can fill a book about. Thank you for the little drops of hope.
  1. Kindness: The one things that distinguishes the real humans from the herd, is kindness. You can’t picture a world without it. It’s impossible, to say the least. From the cab driver’s kid who you got an interview, to the celebrity who came and said “Hii,” and left you in awe, the gestures of kindness goes down in history as ‘awesome’. A big Thank you.
  1. Shoes: You make me look stylish, protect me, and  help me walk. To people who think they are ordinary, ask those who can’t afford shoes, you will realize the real value. My feet will eternally be beholden. Thank you.

Think about what are you grateful for today.

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