#NotAllMen but #YesAllWomen

Still remember walking down the road one fine afternoon, just two school girls returning home, and a sleek guy on a bicycle coming towards us. Never could I imagine what would happen next. But, right there it was, my first encounter with “Molestation.” Before he could try to do anything, my friend and I hit him hard that he landed off his bike. And, then it happened again, and again and it never stopped. I have grown up from being a school girl to an independent working women, yet every single day I hear someone narrate their horrific incident.

I am scared of letting my younger sister out into a strange city. My elder brother is worried for me from eight thousand miles away. My friend is scared to tell her mom about what happened that night. The rape victim has been shunned by her surroundings. Authorities are busy victim blaming,oblivious to see the criminals fault.Spectators see, they ignore, they move on. No FIRs are filed, as most of them are busy firing at comedians.

A molester roams free everywhere, while the victim dies a thousand deaths.
A victim is shamed, she is blamed.
The criminal walks free, because he has a penis.
The vagina they once came out of, another day becomes their property.
They rape, they molest, they do, they rest.
And all I hear is, “It’s her fault”

It’s not her skirt, it’s your mentality that’s short

From ministers to godmen, who all have ever said this, just shut the hell up. It is because of people like you, that the criminals get away with almost everything. You judge a girl based on the length of her dress? We judge you for your stingy intellect. My short skirt does not mean I’m asking for it, infact my skirt has got nothing to do with you. Stop making my skirt the problem for your hormones. 

She was out at night, she asked for it

Just because you have a penis, you can roam the streets at whatever hour that suits you and she cannot? Do you ask for it, when you are out at night? You are a human, and so is she. Stop making it about you. Stop defending your tiny assholes. Be respectful, be a human to be treated like one. And, the only way she’s asking for it, is if she says “YES”. Until then remember, a NO means a NO.

She violated India’s culture

All these righteous souls who roam around with the encyclopedia of India’s culture with them,  here is a question for you, “Which culture promotes harassment?” Your idea of the nation’s culture is flawed beyond repair. Culture has just as much to do with molestation, as tea is to coffee.

She got raped, she’s lost her honour

As Kamla Bhasin rightly says it, “Who put my honour in my vagina? I did not put it there.” Kindly, let me know if anyone asked for a community to put their honour in our vagina? A rapist rapes a woman, wounds the body, traumatizes a soul, but he could never touch a woman’s honour.

The next time your kids go out of the house, and you tell your daughter to be back before 9pm but your son gets a free pass, remember, it’s not just charity that starts at home.  Next time you torture your wife for standing up for herself, think of your own girl too. Before you teach your daughters how to be socially appropriate, teach your sons how to be humans first. Next time you curse your daughter-in-law for being independent, remember you have a daughter too. 
It is because you forgot to raise your sons right, that the country’s daughters are in danger.

#NotAllMen might be rapists but #YesAllWomen have been violated at some point in their lives.


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