How fitness changed me!

Summing up every doctor consultation & every Instagram post ever “Exercise. Fitness. Health”

There is a lot being said about how weight loss enhances your physical appearance. But, did anyone ever know beyond that? As a person, who has seen both, a large mass of fat hanging around the belly, to built-up muscles in places I never knew existed, I can safely say, fitness isn’t about how you look but more about how you feel. It turned me into a better version of myself. All these stars whose body we crave to have, are not couch potatoes, they did indeed work for it.

Here’s how fitness changed my life……..

I am more in control

From hating the process to eating proteins all day, I realized, that I can take hold of my life the way I want to. Since then I am more in control of everything that has happened in my life, happiness, sadness, anger. At the end of the day I realized that it is all in the head. Just as you can destroy yourself, you can even come back up with all flair. I have even learnt to channel all my aggression into a better workout.

Patience is a Virtue

 It is just as easy it is to give up, as it is to begin training. Initially, when I spent hours in training and still didn’t see much results come out of it, I became anxious.Few weeks later, I dropped a whopping 9 kilograms, and voila, time was on my side, wasn’t it? I acknowledged the importance of having patience. Learnt to give time, some time!

Boosting confidence

Not saying that I wasn’t confident before,  but that thrill you get when you do something unusual, drives your confidence to a high. Everyday I pushed myself to be better than before, to levels unimaginable. The heavier the weights, the better the confidence. Having a sense of reaching my fitness goals, gave me power enough to tackle every challenge that comes along my way. Whether it is a sad day at work, or a slight feeling of homesickness, I know I can be happy come what may.

Motivated to Achieve

They say make the first step towards your goal, and you will eventually climb the ladder.
Only now do I realize how much truth this holds. Whether it is 1 Kilogram a week, or 0.5 grams in a day, it is important that you keep yourself motivated. Every time, I achieved a small goal in my fitness, I knew that I can achieve more in my personal life as well.  

I eat better

Now, don’t assume that I eat right all the time. I make sure to give in to my cravings every once in a while, or I would explode. But, yes, I try alternatives, I eat better and everything in proportion. I noticed a major difference too, there is less lethargy and more energy which gradually helps me living a better life. You won’t believe the amount of times I have given a stern look to anyone who orders salad at a table previously. Come today, I just had salad for both breakfast and lunch.   

My brain is more creative than ever!

If I had a penny for every time I got a good idea after a good day of workout, I would surely be a millionaire. Take writing, for example. The idea of starting a blog came to me while I was working out, literally. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body, and maybe that is how it works.

I love myself more

Even before, I have always felt comfortable in my own skin. But, fitness has sure made me love myself more. Knowing what I can accomplish, it gives me a sense of independence that I had never felt before. Of course, I look better now. But, I was never ugly for myself. I have loved myself before and throughout the whole journey. And, in order to love others, you first need to be in love with yourself.

I am not in the process to lose weight, in order to impress some guy, I did because it was necessary, I did it to push myself. And, it all turned out for the better. I, now, am a person who counts calories before eating, but also the one who gobbles every thing in sight at times (Cravings!). Give it a try, and see how fitness can change your life.

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