How Travel Changes You As A Person!

Of all the things we do in life, Travel lets us experience a different world altogether. Travelling is more than just rejoicing over picturesque landscapes and capturing stunning historical and architectural photographs. It’s more than just a selfie update on Facebook. Travel is like a long-lost novel waiting to be read. It’s a lesson you learn that you wish to re-read back and again.
As a traveler, I have had a chance to rekindle my love for writing, my passion for arts, and attaining inner peace. Travelling has helped me in ways I cannot count and I am definitely thankful for it.

Here’s my take on how travel changes you as a person.

Knowledge is power

Getting to explore unknown routes and destinations helps you gain knowledge and insight. It increases your understanding about diverse cultural beliefs, traditions and localities across the world. When on the road, you are likely to meet hundreds of different kinds of people, and each of them shall have a story to share. Connecting with them is the ultimate way of increasing your knowledge about the world.

Adapting isn’t a chore anymore

As a traveler, one needs to be prepared for the unknown. You need to adjust with an array of discomforts around you. What really matters is how willing are you to work your ways in making things right. Adapt! Adapt! Adapt! Adapting to the setting and environment around you is the only way to survive a solo travel time. You cannot risk at all by being stubborn and adamant about anything.

It’s a Big Big World

It doesn’t matter if you have traversed across dozens of lands, you shall still feel small. The world is huge and every time you pack your bags and leave your home, you will be embraced with a new adventure. A new life filled with explorations and paths unseen awaits you. If you are willing to take the extra mile, you shall see that you are, nothing, but a tiny element of a being trying to breathe through the skies and trenches as you walk your way up to your destination.

Journey is more important than the destination

If you are a tourist, all you’ll look up to is the destination. But, as a traveler, the journey is what matters the most. Your destination may look star-spangled glamorous, yet you would not enjoy it if you don’t invest time in your journey. “The process and not the product is what counts,” say quite many intellectuals. You wouldn’t know the difference if you haven’t made the most of your journey. So travel to breathe through your journey.

Travelers and Tourists: Two different sides of the same coin

As a tourist, you are bound and restricted to seeing things the guide asks you to. As a traveler, you are about to explore a different set of attraction. You are going to learn what the guides say while decoding the hidden message. As a tourist, you may or may not have the liberty to roam across for a certain time frame. As a traveler, you are independent enough to choose your path. A tourist may walk through luxury; a traveler will have to work out their luxuries according to the situations arising.

As a travel writer myself, I would suggest that you choose a path unseen, explore the unexplored and create your own destiny. Make your life count as there is a world full of hidden meanings left to be explored. Let travel change you for the good. Visit a destination you have never heard of once a year. Be the kind that craves for knowledge. Do not go by the book. Be your own writer. Happy travels to all!

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