Childhood to Adulthood: Real struggles

During childhood we have all taken our freedom for granted. Little did we know, growing up would come and bite us in the ass. It’s amazing how being in a bubble of our own world seemed much more free than knowing so much and still being a slave.  As a kid we’ve all dreamt to change the world and be the Batman, growing up we come to face with the fact that he is just a fictional superhero after all.

Well, let me put it out there, growing up isn’t fun. No matter how much you wanted independence by moving off to college, you don’t realize that all of it is infact, a big scam. Yes, we all love being on our own, being our own bosses. But, are we really? Didn’t you just come back from a job where you worked off your ass, to stay afloat? It might seem a bit odd to some, but now when I go back to my parent’s house, I feel free.

Yes, growing up is a scam. All that while you had your favourite breakfast at home without having to worry of what to have for dinner, God was plotting to make you, your own personal chef in a few years. As a result, you sometimes sleep hungry because, who wants to cook?  Take laundry, for example, I never would have done it as a kid. But just being 5 years on my own and I hold a masters degree in knowing the washing techniques of several fabrics.

We have to be mature,like, all the time now. Ohh, the pressure. Remember, when you could crack a big laugh in midst of a serious discussion with your family, and they would all laugh with you? Do it now, and laugh is the last thing you could dream of. Maturity is equivalent to that hot guy you liked, knowing how much he’s out of your league, but believing that you can still have him.

Whilst on the subject of growing up, lets just take a moment and appreciate our homes where we spent our childhood. Always a roof up there, not having to worry where we’ll be tomorrow. And, now? HOUSE HUNTING.
When you are on a budget of M&Ms and trying to buy a Red Wine, it gets all the more tough.Been there. Done that.
All of our folks must be going, “How you like me now?”

In the 23 years of my life on earth, I have seen kids so desperate to grow up. And, I have seen adults wanting to be a child again (Most of them behaving as one, though). We all have been there, haven’t we? But, if there’s one thing difficult than climbing the Mount Everest, is the transition from childhood to adulthood. So, I urge you not to kill your inner child and be a kid all your life. Take risks. Face fears. Love yourself. Don’t be mature enough, that you forget to be happy.

In the fight between Childhood and Adulthood, I can safely say: Childhood ftw!


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