Actors come and go, but Tom Cruise stays forever!

Some will always disagree, but the ones who have seen him since the times of ‘A Few Good Men’ till ‘Jack Reacher’ know what I am talking about. This doesn’t mean I don’t have other favourites that I am crazy for, it’s just Tom Cruise is more than “just a favourite”.

You know, like “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”. A million TV Shows have come by since, but we still drool over those 6 people and the 10 years.

The First Time: Love 

I was probably six years old when I saw Tom Cruise in a movie, “Mission Impossible”. And there is something about the first time, which stays with you forever.  It’s like trying Alcohol for the first time, good or bad, that experience clings onto you till the date you tell your grandchildren stories about “how you ended up in a pool of your own vomit” or “how you drunk danced at the bar.”

Why? A million reasons

Because, even today whenever I see him on screen, that 6 year old girl in me pops out and falls in love all over again. Be it jumping on the couch with Oprah, or the sensational lip-sync battle with Jimmy Fallon to acting out his entire career with James Corden, he has always made sure to entertain us.

Tom Cruise: The Actor

You all know how it is, entertaining the audience is one thing, and dedicating yourself to the craft is another. But, he is beyond entertaining. Have you seen him sitting on top of Burj Khalifa? Although, the building is a beauty itself, Tom just cranked it up a notch. An OSCAR isn’t necessary to tell people how amazing an actor he is. 
The Airbus climb in Rogue Nation, would take anyone’s breath away just thinking about it. Actually doing it, is a whole another ball game. But, as always he doesn’t disappoint, does he?

A Hero: In every sense of the word

We all are fascinated by the heroes that actors play in movies, and wish that they are the same when the cameras aren’t rolling. And Tom has proved time and again that he is a real hero when it comes to saving people.
This one moved me: After witnessing a hit-and-run accident, Cruise called for an ambulance and stayed with the victim, Heloisa Vinhas. Upon discovering that she was not insured, Cruise generously paid for the emergency room bill of US$7,000. He is a real-life Batman!!
His acts of humanity, drove his publicist to say, “If I ever get in trouble, I hope Tom Cruise is nearby.”

Aging gracefully!

Of course he is an actor and it comes with the job, but look at him now, could you tell he is 54? He is a whole adult person older to me, and I still crush over the guy. I bless workouts!! 
And that hair! I could write stories about how much I love when he flicks his hair.

*imagines it again*

The First Crush

If there’s one thing in common with every Game of “Truth or Dare,” especially in the 90’s is “Who was your first crush?” 
And, I am more than happy to say that it’s Tom Cruise. It will always be the same [More like a forever crush].

I LOVE YOU Tom Cruise. A massive THANK YOU for being who you are!

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