From The Diary Of a Dog Parent

Becoming a dog owner is a piece of cake; you just need to get a dog. But, becoming a dog parent means you got to be ready to take their shit and still love your babies with all your heart, and isn’t that what all parents do? If you follow the family tree, then I am more of a dog sister than a parent, but aren’t we all kids to our big siblings?? Teasing them, playing together, hitting them (and regretting later), still always being there for them.

This is something for my furry little siblings,Shunty and Broony. I hope you know that there’s nothing I love, like I love you. See you guys back home very soon.

Your unconditional love.

Yes, just like all our parents do, a love with no conditions whatsoever. Only when I met you both, did I realize there is so much love that can be given to one another, that our hearts are limitless. I love when you jump up to me for protection, at the first splash of water each time I give you a bath (NO, NO, there’s no bath monster).

I am glad you’re not human.

Not all humans are bad, sure. But, all aren’t good either and I have had my fair share of bad people. But, there is nothing bad about you guys. How can you be so good?? How do you not breakdown? If I were you, in the process of making my human happy, I would breakdown every once in a while. There is just so much happiness; sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky.

You teach me virtues.

The loyalty and compassion I get from you guys, is nothing I have seen before. You are the best company, I could ever ask for.From barking at a stranger who seems fishy, to protecting me during sibling-fights, all those little things mean so much. And, I couldn’t be more thankful.

My whole world: You guys!

You mean the world to me, and no I am not just saying that. I know I shout at you when I see you eating that rug or when you are trying to hurt yourself, but I hate myself every time I do that. I am sorry. The best is when you show a little attitude, and all my attempts to apologize go down the drain. And later when I come at your hiding place with your favorite treat (Ssshhhhhh! Don’t tell mom, I am spoiling you), you can’t help but lick me a little confirming that you forgave me.

I am sorry, I am so far away!

I hate the fact that I am in a different city, but not a day goes by when I don’t think about you. Skype calling mum and seeing you, that way you react when you hear my voice, my heart just skips a beat. And, after a long time when I visit you guys at home, I see you have missed me so much more than I could have ever missed you. Each time, you rip me apart with joy, I feel blessed.

And the truth is, everyone thinks they have the best dog in the world, and no one is wrong. Pet or strays, you give them love and you become their whole world.  In an average span of 15 years, they teach us more than we could ever learn from our fellow human beings. Become a dog parent, there’s nothing more beautiful.

On an end note, don’t forget to watch this lovely bit by Sanjay Manaktala: #SentiSanjay: Get a Dog!

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