All Good Things To Those Who Procrastinate

If there’s one thing I can relate as an Indian these days is being cashless. No, no not because I can’t wait in a queue, but because “why should I?” Isn’t #PaytmKaro much better? In fact thanks to demonetization, being lazy has finally paid off. “Book Your Chhotu” being the epitome of creativity (Google it, if you haven’t heard yet).

Amusing isn’t it? How can one justify being lazy and still enjoying the perks? This, amigos is procrastination. Unfortunately, instead of being embraced, this one heck of an art gets all the criticism. Ellen DeGeneres once said,” Procrastinate now, don’t put it off.” Look, even she knows it, so what’s holding you back?

It goes against everything we have been taught all our lives, “Never put off for tomorrow, what you can do today.”, “Tomorrow never comes”, and other phrases I will probably think of, LATER!

So, let’s look at the positives, shall we?

  1. Procrastination 101: Active & Passive.

Okay, there’s delaying work until the deadline, in order to get your drive , and then there’s sitting on the couch watching House of Cards! The former called active procrastination and the latter being passive. You all know which works out eventually, I know, I do!

  1. Staying busy, just for the sake of it!

It’s like reading Mathematics. We know it doesn’t help, but we do it anyway. Hours of staring at the computer screen does about as much good as eating a bag of chips! Instead, read a book, or go for a ride and give one good shot at your draft just before the deadline kicks in.

  1. Procrastination ≠ No hard work

Yes, I am lazy. Yes, I work hard. But, I don’t have to pick up bricks all day to build a wall, if I can build it in an hour and get it over with. I work hard when and where I am supposed to. I work hard at procrastination.

  1. Perfectionism is the mother of Procrastination

So, imagine this; you get one week to write an article. Now, your choices are between writing a million drafts before choosing the single perfect one or creating that one exemplary draft just before submission, which makes your client go nuts with praise for you. Being a procrastinator is being a perfectionist.

  1. High procrastination= Increased Creativity

For years, our saving grace for when someone lectures us about being lazy has got to be Bill Gates saying, “I would always hire a lazy person to do a difficult job at Microsoft. Why? Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”  And, true it is. Gives you more time to explore creative ideas and get on with them.

  1. Don’t settle for anything less

Procrastination gives you time to think and analyze your decisions before jumping onto something. I don’t know much about “Think before you speak”, but “Think before you dive” is something I follow.

  1. Procrastination α Productivity

When you tend to do the same thing for a long time, performance falls. So take a break, have a KITKAT. Having time to think and taking intervals helps you to focus and become more productive.

All that glitters is definitely not Gold, but all that doesn’t is not always Crap! In a world full of Desk Jockeys, you need to be a Cave Man!! Become a proud procrastinator not a lazy asshole.

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